Holland & Crosby Sustainability Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen, Holland & Crosby Limited is dedicated to protecting human health, natural resources and the global environment. Our commitment extends beyond compliance with provincial and federal laws to encompass integration of sound environmental, safety and employment decisions into our business practices. It is our goal to not only comply with these laws but to exceed them to provide a workplace that is safe for all parties.

We will continuously seek opportunities beyond regulatory compliance to incorporate pollution prevention and other activi-ties to enhance our sustainability development. In challenging our practices and process, we aim to always be moving forward in our levels of service to our clients, staff, suppliers and community. We will measure and document our progress for review twice annually.

We will initiate and maintain a pollution reduction and active recycling program that focuses on source reduction, reuse and measurement in our manufacturing and office environments.

A key part of our commitment is our willingness to communicate with our employees, vendors and customers to help them understand the long-term impact of their product choices and to solicit their input in meeting our common goals. We are committed to helping Customers make sustainable material and design choices wherever possible. Through communication and social media, we hope to spread this commitment to the rest of our community, our industry and our planet.